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The average penis size and height numbers for men in every part of the world.

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StatCoin can be used to pay for access to the Statistic Brain database, conducting surveys, or held as an investment.This is measured by identifying the circumference of the penis at the base.

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To believe there are racial differences in penis size or that there is even an inverse relationship between penis size and brain size takes a huge leap of faith to believe.

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This seems way too small to me, since the average penis is considerably longer than that.

Fast facts on penis shrinkage: Men who are dissatisfied with their penis size may look for ways to increase its size.

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The sizes had been printed across a range from 4 inches to 8.5 inches in length, and from 2.5 inches to 7.0 inches in circumference, based on previous studies giving an average American penis size when erect of 6 inches (15.2 cm) long with a girth of 5 inches (12.7 cm).

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These studies are so notoriously unreliable, the average overall penis length dropped from 6.5 inches (16.51cm) to 5.8 inches (14.73cm) when researchers began to do the measuring for the subjects. 2 Flaccid Length.The average length in this group is 14.75 cm, but by comparison, the average white or Caucasian penis size is only a quarter of a centimeter smaller, at 14.5 cm. The average penis size among men of East Asian ethnicity is slightly smaller, at 12.9 cm. The global average is 13.71 cm. This is ranking of the average penis length by ethnicity.

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The study, published online July 10 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, is relatively consistent with the results of prior surveys of penis size.This study was designed to establish the penile size among adults Filipino.

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The women were shown 33 different-sized 3-D penis models made out of blue plastic so as not to suggest a particular race.In a flaccid state, it found, the penis of the average Joe is all of 3.61 in. in length and has a girth of 3.68 in. The.It assumes your dick is a cylinder, so your actual volume is gonna be lower.

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Questions concerning everything from actual penis dimensions to the possible correlation.

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A study shows that neither race nor ethnicity has anything to do with penis size.