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Somatotropin is given to children with pituitary dwarfism (short.Measuring plant growth is a very simple procedure that can be done quickly.

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Define Growth Hormone (GH) It is a protein containing 19lamino acids in a single chain.This means that these cells are able to divide and make all the types of cells of that particular plant at any given time. Meristem.

Lastly, we looked at abscisic acid, also called ABA, which is a hormone produced in leaves, stems and roots that has the opposite effects of other hormones.

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Solution: Growth is an increase in the amount of protoplasm, usually accompanied by an irreversible increase in size and weight involving the division, enlargement and the differentiation of cells.

Auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, and abscisic acid are examples of plant hormones.ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. plant hormone - (botany) a plant product that acts like a hormone growth regulator.Plant hormones playa crucial role in controlling the way in which plants grow and develop.The definition of a growth is something that has grown on something else or an abnormal mass.

Define growth, differentiation, development, dedifferentiation, redifferentiation, determinate growth, meristem and growth rate.Ethylene and other plant growth hormones are vital to all aspects of plant growth and development, and.

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Ethylene is a chemical produced in fruits, flowers and aging leaves that promotes fruit ripening.While cytokinin action in vascular plants is described as pleiotropic, this class of plant hormones specifically induces the transition from apical growth to growth via a three-faced apical cell in moss protonema.The unique balance of IBA and Kinetin consistently supports maximum root growth and plant performance.

In both children and adults, growth hormone helps regulate the rate at which the body both produces energy from food.It is needless to mention here, that the total development of plant body is not just because of one hormone, it is the balanced interaction between them that causes the wholesome growth of the plants.

After that, the primary factor is the amount of inorganic phosphorus in your growing system.

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