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Blackberries (Rubus fruticosus) are loosely classed into two categories -- trailing and erect.

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Tall, erect canes yield extra tasty berries with exceptionally small seeds.Chester is an early, fine tasting, semi erect thornless blackberry.Although the fruit are somewhat sweeter than thornless blackberries, the plants give similar yields and are equally sensitive to low temperatures.Blackberries thrive in temperate climates with well-drained.

Trailing blackberries and semi-erect plants require some type of support such as a trellis.Chester is the most winter hardy thornless blackberry and is very resistant to cane blight.All blackberries benefit from a trellis or support so have that in place as well.

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Plants are vigorous producers, and fruits ripen between mid-July to mid-August.

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Trailing blackberries are vigorous, crown forming, require a trellis for support, and are less cold hardy than the erect or semi-erect blackberries.Use strawberry plants as ground cover plants in full sun areas where they will not receive heavy foot traffic.

Extra-fertile flowers, so you get more berries that are perfectly formed.The Triple Crown is considered a good plant for backyard gardeners, but may need some support, as it is semi-erect.

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Although most botanists classify blackberry plants into 3 types, Erect, trailing vines, and semi-erect plants, the in-between semi-erect plants, theoretically, could be actually an erect plant loaded with ripe berries.

Erect types produce stiff, upright new canes (primocanes) from the crown that arch over after they grow about 5 to 6 feet long.Triple Crown is a semi-erect thornless blackberry plant that is known for producing large, sweet berries.

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Blackberries, thorny (erect) Erect blackberries have tall, rugged canes with prominent thorns.There are many different systems developed for the commercial culture of blackberries and raspberries.Berry color is the major decision Berry color is the major decision.

Hello all, We are preparing a fruit orchard area that will include 2, 100 foot rows of blackberries.

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There are erect, semi-erect and trailing varieties, and both thorny and thornless plant cultivars.

If you have semi-erect blackberries, they are easier to manage on a Double T Trellis.Sensitive to spring frost, and in cold, humid regions is subject to shatter and hens and chicks.

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The Marion variety is so popular in Oregon that growers there call them Marionberries.Erect blackberries that are not topped may be trained to a one-wire trellis.These canes will produce branches that will produce fruit the next year.Trailing and semi-erect blackberries are biennial fruiting, whereas erect blackberries can be biennial or annual fruiting.

These biennial canes grow erect, semi-erect or put out trailing stems throughout their two-year life span.Therefore, some trellising is helpful to reduce incidence of fruit.

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However, there are also erect blackberries that can be grown freestanding and will form a thicket.The thornless blackberry plants are upright, orderly and easy to maintain.Trailing, erect, and semi-erect blackberries induce flower buds under the short days of autumn, winter, or spring depending on cultivar and location (Takeda et al., 2002, 2003).While growth is generally upright, floricanes will bend over and touch the ground as they attempt to carry heavy fruit crops.

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For erect blackberries, use one wire attached to the post about 30 inches from the ground.