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This is a dental examination featuring mouth sounds, close up attention with soft speaking and some whispering, together with some tapping sounds with metallic tools.

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ASMR Innerspirit July 4, 2018 July 4, 2018 ASMR Videos asmr, binaural, Male, no talking, notepad, paper, pencil sounds, relaxing, scribbling, Writing 0 Writing on various notepads and scribbling with a pencil.

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Many existing binaural speech enhancement algorithms (Desloge et al., 1997, Welker et al., 1997, Shields and Campbell, 2001, Campbell and Shields, 2003, Dorbecker and Ernst, 1996, Li et al., 2008b) involve the cancellation process without equalization, thus, they fail to cancel the signals with different binaural cues.

In this article, an extensive instrumental evaluation of six binaural and two monaural signal enhancement schemes was presented.All algorithms were implemented on a common real-time signal processing platform, making...If you would like to increase the level of natural opiates being released by your own body then this is the cd to try.

Loudness enhancement: monaural, binaural, and dichotic Robed Elmasian and Robed Galambos Departments of Psychology and Neurosciences, University of California San Diego, La Jolla.

The observation of theta wave modulation on brain training

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Signal Enhancement by Using Sound Separation Methods Based On Binaural Inputs January 2012 Signal enhancement is important thing in such applications like speech recognition, hearing aids and telecom-munication.A multimicrophone speech enhancement algorithm for binaural hearing aids that preserves interaural time delays was proposed recently.Some male users report faster and harder erections and more explosive intense sexual experiences.

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