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However i went to the Dr. for a normal check up and he did some urine tests and it showed that i had 2-4 WBC in my urine.Basically, mucus is a slimy secretion that originates from the mucous membranes and glands.The only way to know if your symptoms are a sign of cancer or another.

Although she began her professional career in pharmacological research, Morgan turned to patent law where she specialized in prosecuting patents for medical devices.We explore the potential causes for white mucus in the stool or urine by answering the following question from a site visitor.

If having menstrual cycles or contaminated sample, high number of pus cells may be seen in urine.

Nitrites in urine is a condition that is different from nitrates in urine.The USG test can help with the diagnosis of CKD, and may be useful for detecting early CKD before it begins to show in blood tests.The morning urine sample is the best one to submit for analysis.Hematuria is a medical term describe the presence of red blood cells and or visible blood clots in the urine of a person.Shelly Morgan has been writing and editing for over 25 years for various medical and scientific publications.Hence, nitrites in urine is what most physicians check for, when looking at the results of a urinalysis.Normal urine color is due to the presence of a pigment called urochrome.

The mucus contains proteins carried from the kidneys to the bladder.My urologist says that you can have leukocytes from stress reaction. I.I can buy some here in the pharmacy that only show nitrate and they are incredible expensive.A urinalysis may include a visual check of your urine sample, tests for certain chemicals, and an examination of urine cells under a microscope.

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If so, you are probably dealing with sediment in the urine, which makes urine look cloudy or flaky, somewhat like a snow globe.These two tests are used to monitor lupus affecting the kidneys (lupus nephritis).The glucose urine test measures the amount of sugar (glucose) in a urine sample.Testing your blood and urine can let you and your healthcare team see how your body is working.

Unless you have some serious other medical issues related mucus thread discharge in urine, then you must consult a physician.Also, the normal mucus should be cloudy white, off-white and transparent.Urinalysis is a diagnostic physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of a urine sample (specimen).A higher level of urine oxalate may mean you are at risk of developing kidney stones.However, more than the number, symptoms and leucocyte esterase gives better indication regarding infection.

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Traces of mucus may sometimes be detected in decal material, and it may be considered as normal.

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This is a problem that is common in children who cath or use a Foley catheter, but it may also occur in children who urinate normally into a diaper or toilet.The presence of certain types of epithelial cells in significant numbers, however, can indicate a urinary tract problem.Squamous epithelial cells are usually found in very small numbers in a urine sample.Turbid urine - indicating an increased number of leukocytes, in some inflammatory process, as well as fungi, bacteria, mucus and other elements that can be found in urine sediment.Diagnosing the condition properly is crucial by avoiding mistakes.

Mucus contains a protein called Tamm-Horsfall protein or uromodulin.In a normal case, the presence of mucus threads in urine is not a worrisome issue.A mucus in urine test is part of a microscopic exam of urine.

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Most cases or epithelial cells in urine are not a matter of concern, but it is better to go for a treatment if suggested by your doctor.A urine test is a routine test used by your healthcare provider as part of your prenatal care.Urinalysis is the physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of urine.